Saturday, 9 November 2013

Liebster award

Recently, I have kindly been given the liebster award by Millie from the  This is to give recognition to people with great blogs and under 200 hundred followers. 

When did you start blogging?

I only recently starded blogging a few months ago. 

What types of blogs do you read?

I love to read any sort of fashion or beauty blogs. 

What are your favourite  top 5 blogs?

Zoella, the camera lies, fleur de force, polka and dots, essie button 

Do you advertise your blog and if so how?

No I don't advertise on my blog, but mabey one day. 

What is your favourite eyeshadow colour and why?

My favourite eye shadows are from the Victoria Jackson survival pallet; the colours are amazing with great pigmentation. 

What made you start blogging?

I was really inspired by other bloggers; mainly bloggers such as Sammi from beauty crush and Zoe from zoella. 

What is your favourite snack?

I don't really have a favourite snack, but most oftetenly throughout the day I eat apples. 

What style is your current bag/school bag?

The bag that I use currently for school is a denim, studded backpack from topshop. 

What is your staple fashion accessory?

I rarely wear accessories, but if I do I like to wear statment necklaces. 

Do you prefer heels or flats?

I prefer flats, it is a very rare occasion that I will wear heals. 

Lipgloss or Lipstick and why?

I love to wear lipstick, but I rarely wear lipgloss because I find it difficult to find ones that don't feel sticky. 

My questions: 
1 why did you want to start blogging? 
2 whose blog do you visit the most? 
3 one person you would love to meet? 
4 favourite make up brand. 
5 what is one of your winter fashion/beauty favourites?
6 what is your favourite film? 
7 how long have you been blogging for? 
8 what is one place you would most like to visit? 
9 what is your favourite makeup brand? 
10 what is your favourite clothing brand? 

The blogs I nominate:

I will be adding and notifying more bloggers to this soon. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you so much for nominating me! 
Emily, xx 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Autumn OOTD (3)

All the colours from the dress seem perfect for the fall time, and since it is getting cold outside I added thick black tights and my favourite winter/autumnal coat.

coat- top shop
dress- top shop
lipstick- top shop

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Rimmel London | retro glam

I have been recently inspired to recreate the look from the advertisement and in doing so have collected, the trio of products needed. All of these products are affordable, easy to used and great value for money, so I would highly recommend any of these.

The hourglass shape of the wand makes the application of the product much easier,  using the main part to coat the middle lashes and the top for the outer corners. For me I find it coats each lash and separates them so no clumps of mascara are left sitting on your lashes, it also fans and stretches them out to give the illusion of thicker fuller lashes.

(A very poor shot of my eyes, but conveys the opacity of the colour) This isn’t the best eye liner I have used, although the pen applicator makes it easy to apply and the adjustable width of the line between thick and thin also is handy; I just find it doesn’t apply as opaque as I would have liked and being in a pen form means it dries up far too quickly.

 The metallic silver shadow paint comes with kind of a spatula like applicator which makes it easier to apply to the lid, whilst the colour stands out as the shimmer make the eye look appear more bold.

What do you think of the collection?

Thank you for reading, Emily xx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fall/autumnal lip colours

I rarely match my lip colour according to the changing of the seasons but for the fall time, I have picked out a few affordable lip products that in my opinion would be perfect autumnal colours.

Rimmel London vinyl jelly - 009 hot spark, 005 succulent
The first of which is the HOT SPARK lip liner which is a deep plum colour.  The application of the lip liner makes it quicker and easier than a regular lipstick as with the darker colours, they can look slightly messy without the aid of a brush, but the pencil allows you to be precise when sculpting your bold lip.
SUCULENT is the second lip liner and has to be my personal favourite as it is more of a brighter berry shade. A small down side to the formulation of the liners is that it applies very thick and heavy, therefore needs sharpening after every use.

MUA - shade 2
An added bonus to the packaging of the lipstick is at the bottom, which unscrews to reveal an extra section of lipstick, presumably for use with a lip brush; but definitely makes the product more worthwhile even if the colour range has not persuaded you enough.  This particular one is a plum purple, which out of my small collection of the range is my favourite.

Rimmel london apocalips lip laqure - 303 apocaliptic
This is just like a highly glossy, highly pigmented, liquid lipstick in a very pretty berry pink colour.

Body shop, born lippy - strawberry

Through the transition of the season to a much colder weather, a lip balm is vital so a tinted lip balm is perfect as it conditions and protects as well as providing that subtle wash of colour; this one from the born lippy range at the body shop is a ‘strawberry’ colour.

AVON - charged cherry
Even though this is for a fall colour collection this would also suit the Christmas season as it is simply a glitter, bold and glossy red.

Rimmel London, kate Moss - 107
A matte purple red, which will compliment the autum season and just like the entire Kate Moss collection is long lasting, highly pigmented and comfortable to wear.
Do you like any of these colours, if so which ones? Also what are favourite products for the fall season?
Thank you for reading, Emily xx

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Top - urban outfitters
Leggings - top shop
Jacket - urban outfitters
Vans - office 
Maybelline 10H tint gloss | lasting pink 

I really like the feminine look to the wool kind of lace top, which I find contrast well to boldness of the camouflage jacket and leather look leggings. Then to finish off I added my black vans and a red lip for more colour. The lip product I chose did have a shine to it as it is a gloss, so I just blotted it to give more of a matte finish and leaving a stain to the lips.

Thank you for reading, Emily xx 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Rimmel London moisture renew

Recently I purchased two of the rimmel London moisture renew lipsticks, which I think are the perfect shades for the quickly approaching fall/autumn time; cherry licious and violet pop. 

Both of the lipsticks last a long time and when the initial glossy appearance fades it almost Staines the lips and with SPF 20 and added vitamins (A,C and E) they also protect your lips.

The first shade is VIOLET POP which is a blue toned berry pink. 

The second is CHERRY LICIOUS which is more of a brown toned berry colour with an iridescent  , shimmery  finish. 

Have you tried any of the range, if so what did you think of them? 

Thank you for reading, Emily xx 

Hair tutorial

This is my first hair tutorial post, so I thought I would go for some thing reasonably simple, which is also  very quick to do if you have naturally wavy or curly hair; if yours is naturally straight like mine you may need to curl it slightly so it will hold in the bun. So the first thing I did is give my hair slight waves by using my hair straighteners... Once I had applied heat protectant before hand. When you do apply heat protectant, make sure to let your hair dry first and brush your hair through to detangle and to ensure that the product is evenly distributed, this will stop the heat from creating any damage to your hair. 


After that I took around 1 inch sections from near the front of my hair and twisted them; turning them away from the face. After repeating this on each side I just pinned them at the back.

Pull the rest of the hair back into pony tail, then with the last loop create kind of a messy bun by not pulling the hair all the way through; if you have really long hair then you may want to loop it twice.


Then just above the hair tie create a hole and thread the loop through, but make sure that the hair doesn't go all the way through as this will create a loop pony tail instead of the bun. 

To finish of the hair I just pulled a few pieces from the front and re- curled them. 

How do you like the hair style, if so would you wear it?

Thank you for reading, Emily x 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sally Hansen hard as nails polish| HOT SPARK


This colour is a deep berry plum colour; perfect for autumn– although since I do not coordinate the colour of my nails to season I would love to wear this all year round!

what do you think, do you personally match your colour nails to the weather out side?
Thank you for reading, Emily x